Ingrid Fitzgerald

An Introduction

I love words. Sentences become paragraphs and once nurtured; they become novels. Then, I kick them out of the nest and into the world.

My love affair with romance novels started at the age of 14.  Ever since then, it was hard for my friends to make me put down a book and go out and do things with them.  My novels under this pen name will be set in the Regency period.  They'll have an added flair of mystery and adventure.   Also, they'll feature strong, unconventional women.


My Books

Unconventional Brides Novel - Book One


 At 15, Charity is tricked into marriage. Her new husband abandons her to his northernmost estate and forgets her for the next ten years.

Julian, angered at having been forced to marry, plays the bachelor until he learns of a new servant at Shepridge End. The need for this servant shows that his child bride isn't done with her tricks. With murder on his mind, he goes to confront his unwanted wife. 

 Available now on Kindle, Nook, Apple Books, and Smashwords.   

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